Land Use Application

Application for Consideration of Planning Request

($300 non-refundable fee at time of application, plus filing fees if approved)

Address of Property and/or Legal Description *
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Please submit a site plan with the application to show lot lines, street names, distance form side and rear lot lines, setback form front lot line to structure. For shore-land setback form Ordinary High Water Mark.


Applications will not be considered until all the documents have been received.


If you have any questions on ordinances, required inspections or to schedule an inspection please call: 218-546-5625.


By clicking submit, I hereby certify that I have read this application and state that the above information is correct and that I am the owner or duly authorized agent of the owner. I agree that all work will comply with all ordinances of City of Ironton and the State of Minnesota. I hereby authorize representatives of the City to enter upon the above mentioned property for inspection purposes. As the Applicant, I understand that the City of Ironton Planning and Zoning Board may request the attendance of myself or a representative at the meeting(s) where the request will be considered. Upon notice from the City, I understand that I am responsible for reimbursing the City for all costs, above and beyond the application fee, for professional services including but not limited to: engineering, legal and financial advising, incurred by the Township in connection with matters related to my request ad enforcement of performance

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